Since 1796, this rich tradition has been kept alive by the family of Wilhelm Schweizer. Even today they base their designs on originals often hundreds of years old.

Each piece is truly a handmade item, as every one is cast individually from molds carefully engraved in slabs of slate. Each molds "life" is limited to about one thousand castings after which a new mold has to be carved to insure the quality and richness of even the tinniest detail. The accuracy and intricacy of the finished pieces are testimony of the pewter caster's art and skill. 

Selection ranges from Christmas ornaments to Easter decorations, from standing Folklore, Santa and Angel Figures to pictures for walls and windows, all designed with the same loving care and respect for heritage and tradition.

This exclusive pewter collection will be increased annually with carefully selected additional pieces. All pieces are offered painted and unpainted.

Diessen, a small town located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ammersee in the heart of Bavaria's romantic countryside, has a rich historical and artistic heritage, which dates back to the 9th Century.

During Medieval Times, two important trade routes joined here, thus spurring the economic and cultural development of the region.

Diessen also was the way station for pilgrims who visited many shrines and monasteries located in that area.

Pewter amulets, ornaments, religious pictures and jewelry, sold at that time in churches and convents around Diessen became very popular.

Their professional ambition and artistic talent made the crafts people of Diessen famous, and their products were soon sold all over Europe as collectible Pewter Art.

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