Herend Large Peacock LTD ED
Herend Large Peacock LTD ED


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Large Peacock

9.75"W X 9.25"H

Limited Edition Size = 250

In reality it is a simple courtship display yet the striking fanned plumage of peacocks has fascinated people for thousands of years. From folklore to mythology to the history of a nation (it is the national bird of India), peacocks have both enchanted and drawn suspicion. To the peahen (female peacock), the peacock’s famous train made up of elongated tail “covert” feathers decorated with “ocelli” or eye spots is simply a test to determine the best mate. The greater the number of ocelli, the more attractive she finds the peacock.

In ancient Greece, the ornamental eyes had a different significance. According to Greek mythology, the god Zeus was having an affair with the beautiful priestess Io. To hide the affair from his jealous wife, Hera, he turned Io into a cow. Hera, however, was not fooled by this and tricked Zeus into giving her the cow as a gift. Hera then sent her faithful servant Argus to protect the cow and since Argus was covered in one hundred eyes, he made a fine watchman. Zeus in turn dispatched Hermes to release Io from her captivity. Hermes accomplished this by lulling Argus and his many eyes into sleep and then killing him. To honor her faithful watchman, Hera took Argus’ eyes and placed them on the tail of her favorite bird - the peacock.
Argus would certainly be proud of how the artists at Herend have immortalized him.

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