Herend "Large Giraffe" Limited Edition
Herend "Large Giraffe" Limited Edition


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For centuries, giraffes were unknown outside of Africa and their appearance incited such curiosity that they were sometimes used as diplomatic gifts. The curiosity is certainly an understandable reaction considering the unusual appearance of the world’s tallest land animal. The most obvious is their long necks which provide the advantage of reaching vegetation that other herbivores can’t. That said, their favorite delicacy is the thorny acacia tree which deters most others who do not have the giraffe’s long, muscular tongue to avoid the thorns. Far from avoiding each other, fellow plant-lovers such as zebras, antelope and wildebeest prefer to graze near giraffes since the giraffe’s sightlines are so far (due to their height) that they act as an early warning system for any predators long before their shorter neighbors can ever see them.

Beyond their height, giraffes are also known for their distinctive animal print. Similar to thumb prints, no two giraffes have the exact same pattern. Scientists theorize the spots serve as camouflage allowing the giraffe to look like a dead tree from afar. 


Herend’s newest figurine will no doubt incite similar curiosity to those first “diplomatic” giraffes since their newest introduction is an ambassador of creativity. Showcasing an unusual spin on traditional fishnet, the reserve collection giraffe features a modified fishnet made to look like animal print. This new fishnet technique is a complex process. It takes one artist over 20 hours to paint since it requires much concentration as the artist has to create “unnatural” breaks to mimic the spots - contrary to the usual, fluid style involved with painting fishnet. 

  • Hand painted Herend porcelain Large Giraffe.
  • 15.5" high 
  • Reserve Collection version is offered in a numbered limited edition of 250 sculptures.
  • Includes special Herend presentation box and certificate.

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