Herend "Flamingo Duet" Reserve Collection
Herend "Flamingo Duet" Reserve Collection


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While the bird and the dance have the same name in Spanish (flamenco), the two are not connected.  Yet, there is an uncanny similarity in the graceful and proud upright carriage that both embody and how synonymous the lower body has become with each.  With the dance, the explosive stomping of feet imparts the passion of the story being told.  For the bird, the stereotypical pose with one leg elevated is driven by less romantic incentives.  The main motivation for curling the leg up under the body is thermoregulation- it keeps the foot warm and conserves body heat since the birds spend most of their day in water.
While it may not be the flamenco, Herend’s Flamingo Duet presents 2 flamingos in a dance of their own creation.  It also features the world-wide debut of a new symphony of fishnet colors in light orange, raspberry and rust.  While flamingos don’t eat carrots, it is the beta carotene found in their food supply that imparts them with such beautiful pigmentation. Ranging from light pink to bright red, the more colorful the flamingo, the more attractive he is to the opposite sex.  It is also this brilliant display of color that gave rise to the name since “flamingo” has its origins in the French/ Provençal “flamenc" meaning “fire-bird”. 
  • Hand painted Herend porcelain Reserve Collection Flamingo Duet..
  • 4.75"L X 11"H
  • Limited Edition Size = 250
  • Includes special Herend presentation box and certificate.

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