Amy Kahn Russell is the forerunner in a naturalistic trend in jewelry.  A fine arts graduate of Tulane, the artist’s personal studies and experience influence her designs from museums to visions during her extensive travels.

Amy Kahn Russell has been inspired by motifs and cultures she encountered while travelling abroad.  Although Amy now resides in the United States, she incorporates unusual artifacts and stones collected worldwide into this dramatic jewelry.

Sterling silver, sometimes with 14Kt and 18kt gold, as well as mixed metals. Incorporating natural minerals, pearls, and fossils with semi-precious stones, Amy's designs become wearable pieces of art. The bold collection consists of pins doubling as pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

To heighten designer awareness, Amy Kahn Russell pieces come to each owner with history, and a label describing the components.  The high demand and popularity of her work are directly related to the fact that she painstakingly designs every piece. Often the rarity and individuality of the material limit the duplication of style. Extremely fashion forward and versatile this line caters to a variety of consumers.  High quality goods at affordable prices are an essential part of Amy’s basic philosophy.

Amy Kahn Russell jewelry is internationally sold in museum shops, art galleries, prestigious boutiques, catalogs, and specialty stores.

Transcending seasons and time, these pieces are distinctive and capturing history and geography. These timeless works of art are to be enjoyed for years to come.

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